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Will the Nursery be available during University vacations?
This article provides information regarding Nursery availability during University vacations. The nursery is open throughout the Summer and Easter vac

Where to find a vacuum cleaner in Halls of Residence
This article will give you information on where you can locate a vacuum cleaner (hoover). Self-catered Halls (Harry Law and Bateson Halls) Vacuum clea

Halls of Residence key/card
This article will inform you on how to access halls of residence. You will be issued with a key/card which provides access to your room/flat, front do

Campus food facilities - locations and opening times
This article includes information about the opening times of cafes/ coffee shops where you can eat on campus.; All University food services are open t

How long is the Nursery waiting list?
This article will provide information regarding how long the waiting list is. There is no definitive answer to this question however It is recommended

What payment options are available for the Nursery?
This article provides information outlining the various methods of payment of Nursery fees. Parents are required to sign a User’s Agreement to underta

How is my child protected on Nursery outings?
This article will provide you with the information on how your child is kept safe on outings. Occasionally, the children may be taken to places of int

Can I use Early Years Education Funding with the Nursery?
This article will provide information regarding the use of Early Years Education Funding to help pay for Nursery fees. All 3 and 4 year old children a

Damages/ additional charges in halls of residence
This article will explain the payment for damages at halls of residence. The University will pass on costs to the resident(s) if items in halls of res

Post/ mail collection in halls of residence
This article will give you more information on how and where to collect your post in halls of residence. Letters and small packages collection points