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Buying and selling used books
This article provides information regarding the buying and selling of 2nd hand books. The Library runs the Books for Sale or Wanted online service all

Finding advice on referencing your work
This article will provide information on how to find guidance when referencing your work. The Referencing webpage helps you to reference your sources

Past exam papers
This article will give you an information on past exam papers. Past exam papers are not held by the Library either electronically or in print. To acce

How to order an Interlibrary loan
This article provides information on the Interlibrary loans service and how to use it. Items not in stock in the Library or subscribed to electronical

Help finding resources on a topic in the Library
This article details what to do if you are having trouble finding resources on your topic. If you are having trouble finding resources on your topic,

Using the Library's electronic resources
This article will explain how to use the Library's electronic resources. You need your University of Portsmouth computer account (institutional login)

Borrowing books from other libraries
This article will inform you whether students can borrow books from other libraries. Although many Libraries are gradually starting to open, the Sconu

Paying for lost or missing library items
This article will provide you with information aboutpaying library replacement charges. You can pay library replacement charges by credit/debit card v

Scanning in the Library
This article will inform students about scanning in the Library. General Scanning and Large Format Scanning is available in the Library. Click here fo

Finding reading lists
This article will provide information on how to find the reading list to prepare for your course. You can find reading lists for courses via our Readi