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What social activities are available throughout the year within Chaplaincy?
This article provides information about the social activities and events organised by the Chaplaincy within the University. Beginning at Freshers Fayr

RSA Travel Assistance mobile app for students
Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, we have made the decision to recall our students who are currently undertaking their placement or on an exchan

Building relations with people of different faiths and beliefs
This article provides links to information on building relations with people of different faiths and beliefs. There are guidelines for building relati

Multifaith calendars
This article provides information aboutmultifaith calendar resources. The calendars on the Interfaith Calendar website offer information on various fa

Does the University provide a support service or system for individuals who belong to a religion?
This article describes the role of the Chaplaincy in providing support for students who belong to a religion whilst at University. Yes, we do. The Uni

Faith and religion resources
This article contains resources that are in place for individuals who belong to a certain faith or religion. University specific guidance The Universi

Family problems
This article provides information about support services for students who may be having family-related difficulties. Whether with the family of origin

Support for dealing with anger difficulties
This article will give more information on how to get advice and support for dealing with difficulties with anger. There are many situations where it

Support for food-related distress and eating disorders
This article provides information for students about support services for food-related distress and eating disorders. Food is not just our fuel - it c

Support for relationship difficulties
This article will provide you with the resources to seek out support and advice about relationship difficulties. Relationship difficulties may sometim