Option Choices

How to Make an Optional Module Change Request

Dedicated weeks for requesting a change to your optional modules are:


19/09/2022 - 23-09-2022

03-10-2022 - 07-10-2022


05-12-2022 - 09-12-2022

30-01-2022 - 03-02-2022

Ideally, you will discuss your proposed option change requests with the relevant Module Coordinator(s) to ensure availability of the proposed module, and your Personal Tutor to ensure the change is the right one for your course and career aspirations. Once you have decided you would like to go ahead with a change, you will need to make a note of the new module code and name for the Optional Module Change Request Form.

You will need to complete the relevant Optional Module Change Request Form for your course (links below). This form will then be processed, which can take a few days so please keep an eye on your timetable for your new classes to appear. You can speak to your new module coordinator(s) about any upcoming teaching materials, so that you do not miss any resources within this changeover period.

When completing the form, please ensure you use the full name of the module, along with the module code - these can be checked here. Once authorised, you will see the updates on your timetable. If there are any problems with your request the relevant MyPort Information Hub will contact you. Please note: the option change request will only be approved and administered if there is space on the module, and there will be no clashes on your timetable. 

Business and Law courses use

Option Change Request Form (MyPort Richmond)

Creative and Cultural Industries courses use

Option Change Request Form (MyPort Eldon)

Humanities and Social Science courses (within School of Area Studies, History, Politics and Literature and School of Languages and Applied Linguistics) use

Link TBC: Option Change Request Form (MyPort Milldam)

Humanities and Social Science courses (within School of Education and Sociology and Institute of Criminal Justice Studies) use

Option Change Request Form (MyPort St George's)

Science courses (within School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences and Dental Academy and School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science) use

Option Change Request Form (MyPort Anglesea)

Science courses (within School of Biology and School of Health and Care Professions and School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences and School of Psychology) use

Option Change Request Form (MyPort University Learning Centre)

Technology courses use

Option Change Request Form (MyPort Lion Gate)