EndNote frequently asked questions

This page assumes you have decided to use EndNote as a tool to manage your references.

Referencing tools

There are many free referencing tools available which may also be worth exploring – the University library has created a guide to discuss how to select the referencing tool that is most appropriate for your needs. For more information, click here.

Two other popular referencing services available are:

Endnote FAQs

What does EndNote do?

EndNote allows you to collect references from many different databases and keep them in one place to be used when writing your assignments. Much of this is done electronically by importing references automatically into EndNote from each service (including Google Scholar), although a certain amount of editing may still be needed.

EndNote can then be used to build a bibliography in a variety of output styles including APA 6, MLA, Vancouver and Oscola. Use the plug-in Cite while you write integrated into Microsoft Office, to format in-text citations in your work and have your Reference List built at the same time according to the style you choose.

Note: EndNote can also produce free-standing bibliographies which can be added to documents – useful for reading lists, publication lists and bibliographies.

What is the difference between EndNote as a Desktop package and EndNote Online?

EndNote X6 is the professional package available on the University network in the Apps folder. It is not currently being updated. It offers thousands of output styles and the option to create one’s own style. It can only be used on University owned computers and laptops.

EndNote Online is a simpler online version which allows you to work anywhere and on any machine with an internet connection. While you are studying at the University you qualify for extra output styles and slightly more storage space if you register via “institutional access”.

Note: As a student, it is possible to buy the professional current version of at a reduced price. For more information on purchasing a home copy of the software, click here.

I am an undergraduate/postgraduate/PhD student. Which version of EndNote should I use?

It is recommended that students on undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses use EndNote Online. This is an easier package to learn and is very portable due to it being a cloud based service.

For students studying for an MPhil, PhD or a professional doctorate the choice rather depends on several criteria including:

  • How many publications you might be writing as the Desktop allows much more flexibility with output styles.
  • How much time you want to dedicate to learning the intricacies of the system.

Although it is no longer possible to synchronise between EndNote X6 and EndNote Online it is easy to export/import references between the two services.

Can EndNote read a Word document to extract the references into an EndNote Library?

Yes, you can do this with Word 2007 onwards, provided that the references have been entered using Words own referencing function. If, however, you have simply typed the references into Word you will have to be cut and paste between the applications.

I have previously used a different reference management package. Can I convert to Endnote easily?

Yes. Most referencing packages allow for structured export of data. Both EndNote X6 and EndNote Online should be able to accept imports/downloads from Reference Manager™, Mendeley or Zotero.

I need to produce a bibliography in a journal style that is not available in EndNote. How can I do this?

EndNote X6 contains a huge number of output styles but there will always be a few missing. If you can supply details of the output style it may be possible to create one especially for you, or to find one that has been created elsewhere. A limited number of styles can also be added to EndNote Online.

I need a Connect File that is not available in EndNote. How can I obtain this?

Connect files often fail due to institutional firewalls, look for alternative download/export options to get files which you can import into EndNote. If these do not exist then we can check for working connect files.


Support Queries

Who provides support for EndNote at the University of Portsmouth?

Installations and technical issues can be directed to the Service Desk

In the event that they are unable to help you, your problem will be referred to the UK vendor who provides support for EndNote to all UK purchasers.

How is EndNote made available to users at the University of Portsmouth?

EndNote X6 (Desktop version) is available for use on University owned computers to all staff and students via AppsAnywhere. Once downloaded from the AppsAnywhere, you will need to run the configure Endnote file from the Endnote folder to get cite while you write Endnote functions to use within Microsoft Word as an add-in.

EndNote Online can be found by visiting either of the following websites:

You will need to register an account. Please follow institutional route if offered because that will give you extra output styles. You will need to download the cite while you write plug-in to be able to use EndNote with Microsoft Word.

Is any training available?

Lecturers that are keen for their students to use EndNote Online or EndNote X6 are able to arrange introductory sessions for their students in conjunction with their Faculty librarians.

Can EndNote be installed on a computer that I use off-campus?

If it is a University owned PC or Mac it can be installed free of charge by Information Services.

While a student at the University, you can purchase a copy of Endnote desktop at a reduced rate. For more information on purchasing a home use copy, please click here.

I have previously used an earlier version of EndNote. Will this cause me problems?

No. The latest version of EndNote can read and convert EndNote Libraries even from very old versions of the software.

I need an Import File that is not available in EndNote. How can I obtain this?

EndNote contains a huge number of Import Files but there will always be a few missing. If you can supply details of the Import File you need it may be possible to create one especially for you or to find one that has been created elsewhere.

When trying to use 'Cite while you write' I get an error message saying 'Invalid class string'

The 'Invalid class string' can occur if Word was started before EndNote X6 the first time EndNote X6 was used. To fix this error, you will need to do the following:

  • Close all programs.
  • Start EndNote and open a Library.
  • Start Word, open a new blank document and try to insert a reference.

If you are still experiencing a problem, then you will need to contact the Service Desk who will take control of your PC remotely after deleting the following registry keys:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ISIResearchSoft\EndNote

Once these keys have been deleted you should start the software in the order mentioned above.

How can I access my references off-campus without buying a copy of EndNote?

You can access your references off-campus by using EndNote Online, a trimmed-down version of EndNote that runs on a web site.