This article will inform you about the gym at the University of Portsmouth, open to students, staff and the general public.

Our current gym - St. Paul's is spread out across four floors, offering four designated areas for all types of fitness goals. Free weights, Cardio, Resistance and Functional. Whatever your goal, we have you covered.

Free Weights:

Olympic platforms, dumbbells from 2-50kg, smith machines, hex bars and plenty of benches. Whether it's chest or leg day, you will have everything you need to help you work towards new PB's. With a base in the gym for our instructors, you can always find us for a spot, or a spot of advice.


Cybex Treadmills, Wattbikes, X Trainers, Dynamic Rowers and an Assault Bike & Stairmaster. Get your heart pumping towards a new 5k PB or row your way to a healthier, fitter version of yourself. The coolest place to be when you're sweating out.


We have resistance machines hitting every muscle group in the body. They are perfect for isolating particular muscles and are a great starting point if you are new to the gym environment. The movement patterns of our machines help keep your body moving in the right direction. Forwards towards that goal.


Think cable machines, core bags, slam balls, kettlebells, plyo boxes. Jump into an AMRAP or swing your way through an EMOM. If you've become tired of cardio or weights we have enough kit for you to play around with. Keep challenging your body in different ways, get stronger and get fitter.

Where are We?

We're based in St. Paul's Road, in the heart of the campus and are less than a 10 minute walk from most University buildings and halls. We have air conditioned rooms, BT Sport on the TV's (catch those midweek Champions League games) and we have the cheapest multi activity membership in the city, why wouldn't you visit?

St Paul's Gym is open from 7.00am-10.00pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-6.00pm Saturday-Sunday during term time. Our vacation hours are 7.30am-9.00pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am-1.30pm Saturday-Sunday.

We're not a 24 hour facility, but we believe you should have someone there to help at all times (that's us).

Ravelin Sports Centre

At the end of 2021, we are set to open our outstanding, brand new sports centre, the ideal place for you to play, train and compete. Ravelin Sports Centre will feature an 8 lane 25m swimming pool, 175 station fitness suite, multi-purpose studios, ski simulator, climbing wall and bouldering, 8 court sports hall, squash courts and more. Our new sports centre is located in Ravelin Park, Museum Road, its spaces exploit natural light and ventilation, it has been designed to be one of the most sustainable sports facilities and will be open to students, staff and the wider community. We look forward to welcoming you!

St Paul's Gym
St Paul's Road

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T: 023 9284 5555

F: @UOPsport

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